Clear Lake Splash In 2025

The Skylark Shores Resort and the Clear Lake Flying Club are delighted to announce that the 2025 Clear Lake Splash In will take place in Lakeport, California, from April 24-27, 2025. 

The Skylark Shores Resort will be serving as the principal venue for the event with additional activities planned at Xabatin Park, Library Park, Lampson Field airport (102) and other locations in Lake County. 

With roots stretching back to the early 1980s, the Clear Lake Splash In is an event that enables seaplane pilots to reconnect with each other and share with others the magic of flying seaplanes. 

The Skylark Shores Resort is providing its docks and grounds to display some of the participating seaplanes, with additional docking and tie down locations available once the Skylark is booked to capacity. 

The 2025 Clear Lake Splash In will feature an extensive lineup of activities and seminars designed for both seasoned seaplane pilots and aspiring young aviators. These include a variety of seaplane flying skill contests that highlight the expertise of participating pilots and provide viewers with insights into the art of flying seaplanes. 

In addition to seaplane entertainment, this year’s Clear Lake Splash aims to underscore the significant career opportunities available for young people in the aviation industry. 

Boeing’s latest Pilot and Technician Outlook indicates that the world will need over 600,000 new pilots and nearly 700,000 new technicians in the next 20 years. 

Capt. Murray Strom, Vice President of Flight Operations at United Airlines, emphasizes the timely opportunities in the field, noting that “With the expected surge in travel demand and pilot retirements, there has never been a better time to start a career as a pilot. 

United Airlines is investing heavily in our Aviate program to ensure we have a pipeline of qualified pilots for the future.” 

Former Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Administrator Steve Dickson agrees noting that “Aviation is a high-tech, high-demand industry. The FAA is committed to supporting the next generation of aviation professionals through education and outreach programs. The opportunities are vast, from piloting and maintaining aircraft to managing the air traffic control systems that keep our skies safe.” 

Clear Lake High School will be teaching an aviation curriculum for the first time beginning this fall. After attending seminars at the 2023 Clear Lake Splash In, Lakeport Unified School District superintendent Matt Bullard worked with Clear Lake High School to apply for and receive approval to teach the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Foundation High School Aviation STEM Curriculum. 

This curriculum is available at no cost to high schools that commit to teaching it. 

The Clear Lake Flying Club is supporting the academic curriculum Clear Lake High School is teaching with hands on practical training at Lampson Field. Students participating in the high school’s aviation program will have the opportunity to work on aircraft, fly a simulator and obtain flight training at the airport. 

Herb Lingl, the education director of the Clear Lake Flying Club, notes that “At the 2025 Clear Lake Splash In the flying club will present content designed to encourage the young people of Lake County and their parents to consider aviation as a career option. The Splash In will include seminars outlining the tremendous career opportunities for young people in aviation and provide aviation related content designed to engage young people of many age groups.” 

Seaplane pilots are encouraged to register early for the event since space on the Skylark Shores Resort property will be allocated on a first to register, first served basis. 

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